The food processing industry is a vital link between agriculture and the end-user. It is growing every year and is poised to reach USD65.4 Billion mark by the year 2018. This business has a huge potential and shows a lot of promise for the future. But the road is not easy. Adhering to stringent quality and hygiene norms, keeping in touch with the latest technology in the industry and international best practices are some of the challenges of this industry.

HR Challenges in the Food Processing Industry

1. Access to labour with the right skills and talent retention poses a big challenge in workforce management
2. Access to specialized employees in specialized fields like Food Science is difficult
3. Attracting talent is a challenge as employees do not see this industry as a job seeking opportunity
4. The industry is vulnerable to litigation by consumer groups and hence employee training on quality, food safety and compliance is critical
5. The food industry consists of a wide spectrum of businesses ranging from grocery stores to food manufacturing to hotel chains and finding a suitable HR framework for the business can be cumbersome
6. Generating Statutory Compliance and HR Reports of different locations.
7. Communication gaps and poor collaboration exist between the various workforce levels

Globelead HCM Solution for the Food Processing Industry

1. Manpower Resource Planning helps plan workforce based on business needs..
2. Automate Recruitment and Offer Management processes to quickly fill positions from a candidate pool.
3. Automated Training Management facilitates a well trained workforce.
4. Modular features ensure that the HCM is suited to your type of organization.
5. Streamlines HR processes across locations to a centralized platform.
6. Cloud-based HCM Solution, hence more convenience and mobility.
7. Reduces people dependency and builds scalability into the business.
8. Generates multiple reports at a click.
8. A unified platform enhances communication between various departments.


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