IT is one of the sunshine sectors in India and some other parts of the world and has shown high growth rates in the last 2 decades. Yet, it's not without its share of challenges. If the high rate of technological obsolescence is one of the challenges from a business perspective, there are several other challenges from the HR perspective.

HR Challenges in the IT Industry

1. Recruitment: Given the wide diversity of role profiles and specifications in the industry, recruitment procedures are longer and managing them more cumbersome.

2. Attrition / Retention: The abundance of opportunities in the marketplace is not the only reason for attrition. Most companies get into a rut after some time and less attention is paid to customer engagement.

3. In-cohesive teams: Lack of adequate information about company policies and fellow associates cause frequent communication gaps and poor collaboration among associates.

4. Un-coordinated operations:Given the quantum of activities involving an associate, such as Training, Transfer, Travel, etc., the lack of an efficient HCM system can stress HR resources.

HR Challenges in the IT Industry

1. Cloud-based HCM solution, hence more convenience and mobility.
2. Streamlines HR processes across locations to a centralised process.
3. Cost-effective and hence less resistance for Capex allocation
4. Optimized solution, ensures higher usage and hence ROI.
5. Identify top performers based on valid data, and not mere perceptions.
6. Map skill sets in the team more accurately.
7. Showcases project team capabilities to prospective clients.
8. Reduces productivity and time loss and focuses on project planning and delivery better.


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