IT Enabled Services or its more common nomenclature - Business Process Outsourcing was a 27.7 billion USD business, globally in 2013 and has been growing steadily since. As companies seek to outsource their business and knowledge processing to more specialized or low-wage destinations around the world, a number of BPO companies are mushrooming all around the world.

HR Challenges in the ITES Industry

1. Lack of adequate skilled workers to fill the vacancies.
2. Mismatch between skill sets of hired candidates and what the role requires.
3. Increased and unreasonable expectations from customer companies
4. Poor integration of HR with Business Strategy.
5. Change management in the face of evolution of the business.
6. Low brand perception of BPO jobs.
7. Low clarity when it comes to employee training.
8. Disparity in wages for BPO jobs among companies.
9. Attrition, retention and motivation of employees.
10. Poaching and regressive strategies by competitors

GlobeLead HCM Solution for the ITES Industry

1. Replicate information, processes and best practices for multiple teams and role profiles.
2. Reduce people dependency and build scalability into the business.
3. Undertake manpower planning for business continuity
4. Productivity enhancement features for maximum resource utilisation.
5. Manage training, performance management and recruitment better.
6. Create a motivated workforce by building an organised HR framework.


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