Manufacturing is the oldest and most integral element of industry. With a globalized economy becoming a norm everywhere, Manufacturing companies are going through enormous transformation, which throws up a whole lot of HR Challenges.

HR Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

1. Managing a scattered, diverse workforce: In a globalized supply chain of today, Manufacturing companies must deal with the workforce of Suppliers and resellers, in addition to their own production divisions, all of which could be distributed around the world.

2. Poor collaboration between departments: Manpower is the most critical component of a Manufacturing Enterprise and must be closely monitored for performance at every step.

3. Recognizing talent: One of the aspects of managing employee performance is recognizing top performers. This can be a challenge in a production environment, where 80% of the workforce is blue collared.

4. Building a skilled workforce: Talent can be recognized when the right people are rewarded for the work they are expected to excel at. This requires accurate mapping of the skill set of employees (Gap Analysis) and creation of KRAs (Key Result Areas) for every role.

5. Attrition: Skilled workforce as in Sales and Design Teams are not only expensive but prone to attrition. Engaging them adequately and retaining them, can be a challenge at times.

Globelead HCM Solution for the Manufacturing Industry

1. HCM helps manage permanent and contract staff for better planning.
2. Helps automate repetitive tasks around Shift Allocation & Management.
3. Simplifies time & wage calculation and recruitment.
4. Helps the organization invest in productivity enhancement.
5. Helps boost the morale of workers which unlocks their hidden talents.
6. R & D contributions from different teams can be tracked and appreciated.
6. Provides and measures training programs for semi-skilled workers.


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